Accelerated Orthodontics

While traditional orthodontics only move teeth and rely on bone resorption, which makes the treatment last a lot longer, Accelerated Orthodontics provide patients with an option to straighten teeth much faster. This is specially important in adult patients, for whom lengthy treatments to enhance their smiles are simply not an option.

In order to achieve accelerated orthodontics, we work closely with an experienced orthodontist, who will place the braces, and then we will perform a minor surgery, creating small grooves in the gums an edges of the bone structure in between your teeth. Teeth will move faster this way, reducing the length of the treatment from years to about 8 months or less, depending on the case.

Some advantages ofAccelerated Orthodontics include less post-treatment recession and in many cases, less relapse of the teeth’s position after treatment, which is often seen in traditional orthodontics.

This is an outpatient procedure, performed with localized anesthesia, requiring small incisions for faster results.

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