Esthetic Gum Surgery

Advanced periodontal disease damages the supporting structures of the teeth. When treated properly, it can be controlled to prevent further damage of gums and bone, and tooth loss.

But even after periodontal disease is controlled, the resulting gum recession will have affected the way your smile looks. Exposed tooth roots and black triangles between the teeth are common, undesired consequences of periodontal disease. In these cases, an esthetic periodontal surgery, or Esthetic Gum Surgery is a great solution to reposition the gums for a healthier, more beautiful smile, and will also protect the exposed areas from an eventual relapse.

Esthetic Gum Surgery may involve gingival flap surgery, gingivectomy or gingivoplasty, depending on the case. Your periodontist will determine what the ideal procedure will be upon a thorough periodontal evaluation.

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