Just Say NO To Dentures

Teeth in a Day

Whether you are going through complete tooth loss or already have dentures, Teeth In A Day is a great way to transition from dentures to fixed teeth supported by dental implants, all in one day. Through CT scan technology, the procedure is carefully planned and dental implant positions are determined.  A prosthesis is then fabricated prior to the surgery. Dental implants are placed using a computer generated guide and the prosthesis is placed over the dental implants for immediate support. If you have an existing denture, usually made by the referring dentist, it can be adapted to fit the dental implants. After proper healing, the final bridge is made and fixed to the dental implants.

Patients report immediate satisfaction as they don’t have to worry about a denture moving around. Eating, speaking, singing and smiling with confidence are part of the patient’s lives once again!

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